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Female Keep Separate: Prisons, Gender, and the Violence of Inclusion

8. September 2020

The following essay was originally published on North Shore Counter-Info. To view a PDF version of the text, go here. First, a warning: This text is written by and for queers and their friends. It is meant as part of a conversation around inclusion and identity where the validity of queer people isn’t in question. Anyone using this text to contribute to homo- or transphobia is a fucking...


(A-Radio) B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world – Episode 37 (08/2020)

Berlin 20. August 2020

You can find episode number 37 (08/2020) of international news show "B(A)D NEWS - Angry voices from around the world" at A-Radio Berlin’s new website or on the website of the International Network of Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Radio Projects. „B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world“ is a monthly news program from the international network, consisting of short news segments from different parts of the...


(A-Radio) Libertärer Podcast Julirückblick 2020

Berlin 12. August 2020

Seit dem 10.8.2020 ist der neue Libertäre Podcast mit dem Julirückblick 2020 online: unser ernster und satirischer Blick auf die Geschehnisse des Vormonats. Mit einem Interview mit dem Kollektiv "Actions against Rape Culture", einem Beitrag zum Alarmphone, einer Zusammenfassung des aktuellen Hungerstreiks von Mapuche-Gefangenen in Chile, einem Interviewausschnitt zur Gegenseitigen Hilfe in einer brasilianischen Favela, Wo herrscht Anarchie, Musik...

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