(A-Radio) Brazil 2020 (1): Em fevereiro tem carnaval - A conversation about Brazil and exile (Part 2)

veröffentlicht am 5. März 2020

In this Podcast we dive deep into the whole complex of the contemporary history and current situation in Brasil. We publish a long conversation with two Brazilian immigrants recorded in Lisbon in Dezember 2019.

N. is a 19 year old transsexual, who left Brazil as fast as possible because of violence and discrimination against trans people. After getting himself sorted in his new surrounding he connected fast to the
queer and anarchist movement.

V. is a long time militant and organized anarchist. His dream is to work as a teacher, but this perspective is blocked for him in Brazil, because of his political past, activities and ideas. Furthermore he is facing possible high charges for his involvement in the 2013 uprisings.

The podcast is split into two parts. To make it more accessible for people not willing to listen the full length we publish some timestamps here.

Length: 1:53 h

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