Also here lives a misogynist...

veröffentlicht am 2. November 2019

Thursday night (31.10.2019) we sprayed this phrase on the wall of the Ernst Kirchweger Haus (EKH) in order to make an alert and to draw attention to sexist behavior.

This should neither be a defamatory act, nor should revenge be practiced or a kick-out provoked. It is much more about encouraging a critical debate and pointing out that even in this as in many other left-leaning, anarchist areas, one can not feel secure and have to take care of oneself. Just as we should take care of each other.

A Cis-male person who lives in the EKH already did so many misogynist, sexist actions that me as an affected person, which was one of them which sprayed the phrase on the wall, no longer want to be silent about it.
Apart from myself, I also know other female-associated persons who have made similar experiences with this person, but I can only speak for myself here.
I met him for a while regulary on a kind of a sexual or whatever basis. During this time I had to experience over and over again how deprecative, respectless, sexist and intrusive he behaved regarding to me. There have been physical and mental incriminatory experiences as well as a dismissive, small making, misogynist attitude, which caused some scars.
Since people already tried to talk to him about his behavior repeatedly (as soon as I know without any success), I wanted to , first of all, gain some self-empowerment by spraying this graffiti and also I wanted to do what felt right and good for me.
Beside that, we also contacted the people living in EKH, to see if or how to deal with this situation.

I hope, that this action does encourage to reflect about sexist behavior and motivates to resist against it.
Sexist, misogynist, intrusive behavoir is still quite common in our community as it is elsewhere. Lets fight against it!

Take care!

Solidary / subversive greetings,

Note: The original graffiti was actually painted with purple color. After a person overpainted it, the same text was sprayed on the wall again (by the people living in the house).


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