veröffentlicht am 21. März 2020

Dear all! We are founding the „CoView19“ – Join in!

An initiative to respond to the political and social impact of COVID-19 and the accompanying measures – digitally and on site.

The current developments around COVID-19 show the necessity of solidarity. We are in a situation where the health of many is at risk. We welcome necessary measures and together we have to work towards solidarity-based solutions!
At the same time, the temporary, enormous restrictions of basic rights are something that must be observed and critically analysed.
For this development is taking place in a situation in which massive conflicts are already prevalent in several regions of the world, which are partly reflected in a tightening of surveillance and control policies. All those who are interested in control and monitoring policies now have a largely free hand. Measures such as border closures and restrictions on the right of assembly not only restrict freedom of movement, but also raise questions such as: When will the borders that are now closed be reopened? When can demonstrations take place again without restrictions?
These government measures lead to a certain degree of patronisation of us as individuals. It is important to recognise and implement self-responsible and careful decisions and precautionary measures towards our fellow human beings.

A massive shift in discourse is taking place, as has been shown in recent days: reporting and attention regarding the situation at the external borders of the EU, especially the inhuman situation in Greece, is declining sharply. Armed conflicts such as the one in Syria are hardly ever discussed or covered. Why are necessary resources, which are used for overcoming COVID-19, not also available for other conflicts and crises, such as the climate crisis, safe escape routes and support for refugees?
We notice that the fear of the virus also spreads racism, exclusion and discrimination.Crisis management does not take into account the people who are marginalised. Especially people who are most affected by the economic consequences, especially in the long term, are not taken into consideration.

We ourselves come from the arts, cultural, social and scientific fields. Many of us live precariously ourselves. We see how restricting events affects many other precarious people. Closure of venues, restrictions in gastronomy, art and culture and other fields of work will mean that precarious, undocumented or insecure working people are going to lose their jobs. There is a lack of support structures for these people. Considerations in regard to how precariously working people with temporary jobs are affected by the crisis are absent in the discussions by political leaders. Because the freedom of movement of goods should continue to be free, it is clear that large companies in particular are being protected. The freedom of movement of people is once again subordinated to the value of goods, precarious workers are left empty-handed for the time being. It is clear that (not only) the art and culture sector has been precarious, underpaid and socially insecure for years. How can precarious art and cultural workers, small businesses, collectives and voluntary organisations be secured? How does social security work for all people who have to work precariously?

For this and many other reasons we create the „CoView“!

Exactly in these topics we want to be active, we create a broad alliance of actors from science, art, culture, social work, health care, education or other areas, people who just want to participate: activists, lawyers, young, old people and in general all people who want to participate …

to work together

to observe and document the current stiuation(s)
to comment on the shifts and deterioration of the legal situation, discourse and (social) relations
to stand up for the idea that everyone, especially those who are currently not being considered by political leaders, will be supported and safeguarded
to strengthen collective self-responsibility
to ensure that all postponements after the end of the crisis are promptly reversed
to find and collect creative forms of action that make it possible to communicate our concerns despite the current situation
to consider where and in what form digital events can be implemented
to make public sentiment for an emancipatory, cooperative and solidary society

In case you want to join us:

Please read our declaration of founding and our Statement if you want to join.

Here is our public pgp code Fingerprint of the key: DAB4 752B 427E 8131 6506 2543 C3BD 88AE 5724 B164

#coview #covid19

Write us why & how you want to participate – we will get back to you with possibilities to participate digitally and at meetings.

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