Solidarity action for the evicted squats Zizania and Ano Kato in Athens [en]

veröffentlicht am 30. August 2023

In recent days, two more squats in Athens were evicted. Zizania and Ano Kato. After the eviction of several suqats in Exarchia, they continued their plan to turn Athens into a tourist city. We see the connections between the new metro line, the destruction of the Platia and Strefi Hill and the eviction of our places. At the same time, the number of Air BnB apartments is increasing, more and more hippster stores are opening in Exarchia and rents keep rising. This is the typical line of gentrification. Gentrification is also a big issue in Graz - many old houses have already been demolished and replaced by new, fancy buildings that are hardly affordable for the former residents. Many of these apartments are bought by investors and end up either as Air BnB apartments or are empty to keep prices high on the housing market. For this reason, we opened a house in a former working-class neighborhood. It is located near a homeless shelter. It is in very good condition, has not been used for a long time and you are welcome to use it! The address is Eggenbergergürtel 28, Graz - Austria.
We send a lot of energy to our comrades in Athens and all over the world! We will not stop fighting! When the authorities attack one, we all fight back!


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