THE PROBLEM IS CALLED MALE VIOLENCE Si tocan a una, respondemos todxs!

veröffentlicht am 2. Juli 2020

Saturday, 04.07, 13:30 ORF Radio Culture House, Argentinierstraße 30a Open for all genders! The end point of the demo will be at the EKH street festival at Keplerplatz!

Due to current events we call for a feminist demonstration against male violence! In Austria alone, several women* have been murdered by their partners within the last weeks and a feminist rally in Vienna was attacked by fascists. In addition, the situation for feminists and FLINT is getting worse worldwide!

Male violence is played down in the media, blamed on the victims themselves or dismissed as a "family dispute" or individual "relationship drama".

We must stand up for a society in which male violence comes to an end, in which all people can be different without fear. We want an end to all gender-based violence, whether in public spaces or behind closed doors in homes and public institutions. We cannot rely on the state or the police, who support and maintain patriarchal conditions. We must fight against patriarchy, against anti-feminism AND against racism and nationalism. For a society of solidarity! The problem is called male violence! Our feminism remains anticapitalist and anti-racist!

Come and forward! ALERTA FEMINISTA!


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