Nothing is over - arson attack on cars of Energie Steiermark in Graz

veröffentlicht am 15. November 2019

On the 9th of November two cars burned down and further cars were damaged, all belonging to the austrian energy provider Energie Steiermark in Graz. This company is, among others, responsible for the construction of the Murkraftwerk, a waterpowerplant in the Mur river in Graz, that had officially started up exactly one month ago.

There were protests against the construction and the launch of the plant for years. There were petitions. There were demonstrations. There were protestcamps and treehouses in squatted trees to prevent the forest clearance of the area for the planned constructionsite. There were blockades of excavators, as the construction of the plant nevertheless began. And there were trials against activists.

The involved companies worked hard on getting democratic approval, by spending a lot on articles in newspapers, so called Dialogbüros, offices for dialogue and other crap. That didn’t stop the demonstrations, protests and direct actions against the excavators and the construction site. As a reaction the mainstream media became very silent about the protests. Several colorbombings on the office of dialogue, a store of Energie Steiermark and others, as well an arson attack on a tower crane were not addressed. And then, the revelation of the flow of corruptionmoney from the leading party ÖVP to the energyprovider Energie Steiermark was almost not noticeable.

Even if the powerplant was launched one month ago, nothing is over. The Spokesman of the Energie Steiermark told the newspapers suprised "the area is fenced and locked". But we don’t forget. All those who destroy our worlds, should not feel safe - they are vulnerable, no matter how high their fences or how tough their locks are supposed to look - we can attack anytime and everywhere!

They want to ruin our worlds - this is our way of defense.

In our thoughts we are with our comrades around the globe, who fight against oppressive conditions.


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