Statement of APL, Ljubljana about the war in Ukraine

veröffentlicht am 9. März 2022

Statement of APL, Ljubljana about the war in Ukraine

Capitalism is driven by the internal logic of ceaseless expansion and endless accumulation of capital. This drives capitalism from one destructive crisis to the next.

In the last decade, the crisis has had different names, e.g. economic, migrant, Covid-19, but the reaction of the authorities to these crises is very similar: strengthening of the repressive and control apparatus, militarization, dehumanization, incitement to hatred among people, persecution of social opposition and destruction of human lives. The rulers themselves are aware that they cannot guarantee people with health or security, let alone prosperity, under the existing system. Therefore, they increasingly resort to sheer violence and other authoritarian methods to maintain their power.
Of all crises, war is the one that most dehumanizes life and subjects it to the dictates of death and suffering. In an increasingly tense situation of capitalist competition, new wars are breaking out on the edges of powerful economic centers and in resource-rich parts of the world. After Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine and many other parts of the world, war has now fully erupted in Ukraine.
The war in Ukraine is not a war between people, but a war between the great systems of capitalist domination. In it, only people are dying.
Weapons, the war industry and military alliances are the problem, not the solution. That is why we reject armament and all other forms of strengthening the war apparatus. Our solidarity cannot be with the states, their armies and their flags that are now measuring their weapons of destruction in Ukraine, nor with the war profiteers who are already rubbing their hands over staggering new deals. Our boundless solidarity is with all those who are suffering the consequences on all sides of the front lines. We are in solidarity with all those who raise their voices against the war and with those who do not put their own bodies at the disposal of the war machinery and who are themselves targets of repression precisely because of their resistance. Like us, they did not want war, they did not seek it, but they have become its prisoners and captives. We all feel their pain, which we may soon know ourselves in a very personal way.
The war is being fought not only with bombs and tanks, and not only on Ukrainian territory. A significant part of the war is being fought in societies seemingly safely removed from theaters of war. It takes the form of arms production and rafficking, promotion of nationalism, propaganda, repression, spreading of hatred, racism and selective treatment of the victims of war. To reject war is to reject all the forms in which it takes place.
In a climate of war, it is important to create spaces of anti-authoritarian resistance against everything that enables and drives it. This means, first of all, a self-organized exchange of information, views and organization to offer practical solidarity to all those who need it in this difficult situation.
That is why we are participating in the Rally for Peace in Ljubljana on Tuesday 1 March 2022 at 5pm.
That is why we call for an Open Assembly against the war on Thursday 3 March 2022 at 5pm at the Menzo pri koritu in Metelkova, where we will build together the possibility of solidarity and resistance even in times of war.
Against imperialism and all nationalisms!
Class solidarity with the people of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia!
Let us open our borders for all!

Ljubljana, 1 March 2022
Anarchist Initiative Ljubljana


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