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Long Live the Revolution in Rojava!
Serbien 18. Oktober 2019

A small solidarity action with the people of Rojava, facing brutal attacks of the fascist Turkish state.

What to do to help people in Rojava
Kurdistan 12. Oktober 2019

A lot of people have been asking me what someone in Europe can do to help the people in Rojava so I decided to make a public post about it that you can share:

Abschiebewarnung / Deportation Alert
11. Oktober 2019

Abschiebewarnung / Deportation Alert to Afghanistan 15. Oct 2019 Pay Attention! Next charter Austria-Afghanistan announced for Tuesday, 15th of October.

“Kostenersatz” for occupying Nele? No one will pay!
Wien 18. September 2019

In November 2018, activists occupied an empty building, a former revolutionary Marxist printery in Vienna. They called their new house “Nele”. A lot of people are sick of the dominant power relations and the resulting overall rent situation. Those in power are aware of that: “Where would this end, if everyone occupied empty houses?”

The Cyprian government denies Ahmed’s return to his family
Ungarn 18. September 2019

Today four years have passed since the “Röszke riot”, the attack of the Hungarian riot police and TEK (counter-terrorism unite) on protesting migrants against borders and limitation of freedom of movement in September 2015. During and after this riot eleven people were arrested and later faced a court trial.

Analysen & Historisches
Feminism explains our (toxic) relationships with our smartphones
Weltweit 15. September 2019

How to fix our disturbingly unequal relationship with smartphones

Analysen & Historisches
Another Network is Possible
Weltweit 14. September 2019

Indymedia defined an early era of networked protest — and showed us another way the web could work

Women Defend Rojava - Call out for worldwide action!
Weltweit 31. August 2019

To freedom seeking women and people of the world, to all internationalists, to democratic and revolutionary forces everywhere:

Abschiebewarnung / Deportation Alert to Nigeria
Österreich 20. August 2019

Pay Attention! * Mass deportations from Austria to Nigeria take place every few weeks now. Possible next date: 28th of Aug 2019. * Next charter Austria-Afghanistan Tuesday night 3.9., 9.40pm - Wednesday morning 4.9.2019. EU refugee interception agency FRONTEX will deport Afghans from Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Austria on this flight.

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