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Abschiebewarnung / Deportation Alert to Nigeria
Österreich 20. August 2019

Pay Attention! * Mass deportations from Austria to Nigeria take place every few weeks now. Possible next date: 28th of Aug 2019. * Next charter Austria-Afghanistan Tuesday night 3.9., 9.40pm - Wednesday morning 4.9.2019. EU refugee interception agency FRONTEX will deport Afghans from Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Austria on this flight.

No Border Camp 2019
26. Juli 2019

From 1st till 4th of August 2019 a No Border Camp will take place in the provice of Zuid-Holland in the Netherlands. Call to action.

Analysen & Historisches
Sacrificing Life – What Did Mikhail Zhlobitsky Achieve
Russland 13. Juli 2019

We live in a world where an endless stream of information and constant updates in news feeds force out even the most important events of the recent past. However among the events there are those which can not be allowed to fade. One of them occurred on October 31, 2018. Anarchist Mikhail Zhlobitsky committed an act of retaliation by activating an explosive device in the building of the FSB Directorate in Arkhangelsk. It was the act of self-sacrifice – Mikhail Zhlobitsky...

Der Kampf um die Liebig34 geht in die naechste Runde // The Fight for Liebig34 goes further.
Berlin 12. Juli 2019

Der Gerichtstermin um die Raeumung unseres anarcha-queer-feministischen Hausprojekts soll am 20.09.19 stattfinden. +++ The Court hearing for the eviction of our anarcha-queer-feminist housing project will take place on the 20th of september 2019.

Three Days Against The Techno-Sciences 26-27-28 July 2019
Italien 9. Juli 2019

In Capo di Ponte (BS) Italy. The program will come soon. Today more than ever, we feel the necessity to organize a meeting involving comrades from different countries already engaged in a critique and in opposition to developments of techno-sciences.

Kletteraktion in Basel: Die Profiteure der Klimakatastrophe zur Rechenschaft ziehen! Climbing Action in Basel: Hold those who profit of the climate catastrophe accountable!
Schweiz 8. Juli 2019

Heute beginnen die Aktionstage des Klimacamp in Basel. Als Auftakt erkletterte eine Kleingruppe in den frühen Morgenstunden des 08. Juni 2019 einen Baukran über der Basler Credit Suisse Bank und befestigten ein 15m langes Transparent mit der Aufschrift “Alle Tage Sabotage. Bis alli Banke wanke”. +++ Today, on the 8th of July the action days of the Basel climate camp are starting. An affinity group started into the day early by climbing a construction site crane and attaching a 15m long banner...

Italy: Updates on the anarchists arrested for the “Prometeo” operation (25/06/2019)
Italien 30. Juni 2019

After the arrests of 21 May 2019 for therepressive operation “Prometeo”(“Prometheus”), Robert and Beppe were imprisoned in the Opera prison in Milan until June 21st, while Natasha was imprisoned in France.

Sea-Watch 3 Enters Italian Waters in State of Necessity
Italien 27. Juni 2019

European institutions have once again proven their incapability of handling the responsibility to safeguard the rights of people rescued at their deadly sea border. Neither any of the European States nor the EU commission were willing to enforce what is the basis of their constitutions – human dignity. With yesterday’s political ruling furthermore the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) failed to provide any expedient for the 42 survivors stuck aboard the rescue ship Sea-Watch 3. Their...

The Push-back Map A Tool to Collectively Fight the Repressive Border & Control Regime
Europäische Union 22. Juni 2019

Currently we are witnessing an increase in institutional violence across Europe. At the EU’s borders expulsions, direct deportations, readmissions and other forms of forced returns across borders are happening on a daily basis. These violent practices are called push-backs. They are a systematic institutionalised technique used to suppress movement across borders. With our newly developed online tool The Push-back Map, www.pushbackmap.org, we aim to map, document, visualise and denounce...

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