veröffentlicht am 5. Juli 2020

To all of you feminists* - spontaneous autonomous queer feminist camp from 10th – 14th of July in short distance from 6822 Satteins (A)

We* want to create a safe space, where we* can rave, dance, make music, dj, read, write, think and cook together – our* intention is to create a space where everyone* can participate, where one* can apply oneself/pass on knowledge/learn/think of projects and realize them.

For no one should exploit themselves: we need a sense of collectivity when we organize, build up, clean up. We* already arranged a big meadow in a forest with water and a toilet. The place is reachable either with (our) car or 40 min by foot from the station. (We* are trying to make this place as reachable as we* can) We already have a sound system, electronic instruments (Desktop Synthis) and a Beamer.

What we* need:

More ideas, ideas for workshops, helpers, instruments, turn tables, light and probably many other things that are not on our minds right now…stuff for the kitchen, all things for camping: tents, sleeping bags, mats, hammocks…

We* want to keep the costs very low, but still, we* figured max 10€/day for food and infrastructure would be great. (We* will find a solution for those people who can’t afford this)

And like always: this is no space, and there is no space for machos, faschos, racists, trans*/homophobies and so on***

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