"No Carnival in Brazil": A Cyberpunk Comic Book [en]

veröffentlicht am 15. April 2024

In 2071, a anarcho-communist guerrilla group seeks armed revolution against a military-technological fascist rule.

This art of mine is "No Carnival in Brazil", a cyberpunk universe builded upon my living experience during the past 11 years of radical political activity. In the city of São Paulo, i engaged with many anarchist and communist groups, practicing direct action and confrontation with police forces. I was arrested several times, experiencing the full cyberpunk side of this city, including the prison system.


So this comic is something about the things that i lived, but in a not so distant, dystopic and cyberpunk future.

The stage is set in the city of São Paulo, in the year of 2071. The world deals with the prolongated World War III between the "Axis of Evil" (China, Rússia, North Korea and allirs) and the "Western Alliance" (USA, Europe and allies).

In the war effort against China and Russia, a multibillion-dollar scheme was set up involving practically the entire upper bourgeoisie of the West. The plan was to assassinate Putin and put a fascist regime in his place. The same happened in the United States: a large and well-equipped army of ultra-rightists took power and implemented a war regime against the "Axis of Evil". And then, with all its technology and its numerous army, the Chinese People’s Republic dominated Russia in just two months, and the world was divided in two. On one side, Asia, led by the Chinese Tiger - free, prosperous and socialist, and on the other, the Fascism of the rich and their war industry.

In Brazil, fascists took power with support from the US regime and also implemented a war regime.

The main character, a black and young male from the overpopulated suburbs of São Paulo, Brazil, tries to understand the world he lives in, and to make his living, but after a carnival protest against the dictatorship, he lost his best friend and girlfriend, murdered by the military police.

He then engages with an armed, urban guerrilla group to seek revenge. The "New Power" or "Novo Poder" fights the regime with an army of militants, hackers and supporters, equiped with 3D printed guns, high technology gadgets and support from the so-called "Axis of Evil".

With american drones watching the city from above, he follow an underground path to identify and kill the soldiers who murdered their beloved ones, and in the process, he also follow the path of revolution.

The NP flag is composed by three tools: the arrow, symbolyzing the jndigenous people, the hammer, symbolyzing the cities, and the machete, symbolyzing the vast rural interior of Brazil. The group will eventually lead a popular armed insurgence with all the consequences of a civil war.

The narrative will happen in parallel with a global war, which most of the people will call it Third World War, stucked in the pacific ocean.

And between this two wars, we will also have a climatic collapse, which will shape our way of life with all the technological advances of a cyberpunk story.

Basically the comic is a doomer, catastrophical vision of a distant future that day after day doesn’t look so that distant.

Yes, it’s more of a warning.


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