!!! A-Camp is actually happening !!! (from 29.7. to 6.8. 2020 in Upper Austria)

veröffentlicht am 26. Mai 2020

After a lot of discussing and waiting how the situation will evolve, we
finally decided that the A-Camp 2020 will take place. Because of the
special situation it will be even a little more DIY than the years
before and will be what we make it. And we will have to follow some
health care measures.

If you want to join, please register yourself on the homepage. And we
are in urgent need of people who like to do Workshops! If you have any
other talents or resources you want to share with the camp (music,
equipment etc.) write us. Also the kitchen team is happy for helping
More infos on the website: www.a-camp.net

A-Camp Trailer 2020: https://vimeo.com/421522525

See you soon!

PS: Please also tell your friends! And you can download posters and
flyers for mobilisation on the website as well ;)

+ Invitation to the next open orga meeting for the anarchist Summercamp

When: Thursday, 04.06., 17:30
Where: in Augarten (Vienna), next to the the flak tower (near
Gaußplatz), in front of the “Never Again“ graffiti

To all persons critical to power.
We are born in circumstances that seem to be unchangeable. These Systems
define our understanding of the world and of our self in it, whether it
be work, background, societal role or the impact on our environment. But
we also know the moments in which these structures start to crumble and
break to make space for something new.
The Camp could provide a Basis to share Ideas, Wishes and Struggles. And
to find ways live our demands in the dealing with each other. So far we
are a small organizing-group and we are looking forward to find
companions. Our themes aren’t fixed yet but we clearly define us as
queerfeminist, anti-racist, anti-classist and anti-nationalist.

If you could imagine to contribute with infrastructure, connections or
content etc, we invite you to the open Orga-meeting. Or write us via:


zum Thema Anarchismus: