Anarchists Burned a Police Car in Kiev, Ukraine

veröffentlicht am 22. Oktober 2019

On the night of October 16 to 17, 2019, the Toyota Prius car of the patrol police was burned to the ground. It happened at the guarded parking lot in Svyatoshinsky district of Kyiv. We, anarchists, take responsibility for the arson and will publish an exclusive video where you can see how the police car burns.

Why are we at war with the police bastards?

Today, our lives are under the iron control of the state and corporations. No one asks us whether we want it or not. The authorities do what they think is right. For them, we are a commodity, cattle and lowlifes. Everyone who wants to oppose this way of life is expected to face repression, death. But control and repression would not be possible without the police, the rotten body of the Interior Ministry. The police are the main instrument in the hands of the authorities. Therefore, we are forced to wage war with police crap – for the sake of freedom, for the sake of justice.

They have laws, prisons, power on their side… We are only supposed to have poverty and eternal exhausting work for the oligarchy. The gap between a worker and an oligarch is so huge that it is terrifying. The elderly on the outskirts of the capital city collect waste paper and glass every day to buy social bread. If you ask a cop why such things happen, he will cheerfully answer: this is the order and law. The policeman knows the whole situation and consciously performs the role of a dog in the service of power. The policeman fetishizes his position, likes to wear a Fort 17 and drive a Prius, but he likes violence and money more. These are just some of the reasons why we have a lot of hatred for the police and the Interior Ministry structure as a whole.

There can only be confrontation between anarchists and cops until the MIA and its patrons, the state and the oligarchy, are completely destroyed. Each of us has to choose between working obediently for the system, shaking with fear for their lives, or resisting by all means.

We anarchists call for organized resistance: collective, individual resistance. Learn the theory of anarchism. Stock up on incendiary mixtures, weapons and ammunition. Attack the police. Fight against states. Do not be afraid of prisons. Freedom or death!


Strange as it may seem, the official website of the National Police of Ukraine is silent about arson. Only the rescuers reported it in a veiled manner. We think the cops are ashamed to write and publish photos of the burnt-out Prius. And so it always happens…

In 2015, Japan handed over about 1.5 thousand Toyota Prius to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for patrol police. By now, about 1.3 thousand patrol “Priuses” have been broken or are out of order. There is little left. Let’s help the cops finish the job.

Our statement will not be complete if we do not say anything about our like-minded people in prisons and on the run. May this fiery news please and inspire you to continue the fight in any situation. As did Dmitry Polienko, an anarchist and defendant, who cut his hand with a razor blade in the courtroom on October 17, protesting against his detention in a closed courtroom.

At-large, in captivity or in an illegal situation, we will continue our attack on the government and the state.




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