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veröffentlicht am 31. Mai 2020

On 25 May 2020, about 320 people took to the streets in Innsbruck to demonstrate against the borders around Fortress Europe. The demonstration, in which many young people in particular took part, called loudly and in several languages for a stop to deportation, the dissolution of detention pending deportation, freedom of movement and unlimited rights of residence for all people.

In addition to the murderous border policy at the EU’s external borders, the racist asylum laws were also sharply criticised. Various leaflets were distributed and several rallies were held, which led to groups and individuals also showing solidarity with the demonstration and joining in. The speeches dealt with the current situation of the refugees in Austria, the worsening of the conditions on the escape routes due to the Corona pandemic was also addressed, as well as Camp Moria on Lesbos, which was left to its own fate. The capitalist conditions as well as racism, experiences of refugees and the racist murders in Halle, Hanau and Celle were also addressed, which caused silence and attention but also anger and indignation. The central and relatively long demo route, the speeches, the loud music and the catchy sayings created a combative atmosphere in the evening hours of the city and many people could identify with it. A sign could be set to this important topic with the successful demo.

Around Europe no walls, right of residence for all and now!
Deportation is torture, deportation is murder
No one is illegal!
Being a Refugee is not a crime!

The planning of this demonstration had started before the Covid19 pandemic and was aimed at the international day against racism. However, it could not be held because of the Corona assembly bans. But during the restrictive period, banners and signs were hung out of windows, balconies and in various places, pictures were sprayed and posters were put up to criticize the European and worldwide treatment of refugees. Triggering the various small protests were the numerous deaths in the Mediterranean and the Sahara, the escalation between the Turkish-Greek border, the attack on refugees on boats and on land, the suspension of the right of asylum in Greece, the hostility of aid workers and journalists. None of these events were coincidental, but were all results of the right-wing policies of the EU. The people who took part in the actions and in the demonstration made it clear with their protest: all this can no longer be watched. Bourgeois politics has failed in all points! Our governments have deliberately reproduced only more misery. That is why, as it was also written on a leaflet of the demonstration, it is now time to take action ourselves. The writers* demand the following:
* Let’s build up structures that will provide serious support for people on the run or who have arrived here! Let us make their voices heard, let us include them in our lives and our everyday life here.
* Let us intervene in case of racist attacks! Let us reflect our own prejudices and learn anti-racist and anti-colonial thinking and acting.
* Let’s do public relations work, let’s criticize the people who are responsible for it. We must not remain silent!
* Let’s organize a political movement, together with the Refugee people! Let’s raise our voices and take the streets and other public spaces.

Here you can find some more impressions of the demo and of the transpi action.


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