Call for support: No Nazis on our Streets! 2022

veröffentlicht am 19. Januar 2022

For 18 years the streets of Sofia have been disgraced by the neo-nazist
Lukovmarch. Despite being banned every year, fascists from all over the
country will march again alongside their neo-nazi counterparts from all
over Europe, some of which are part of terrorist organisations

Because in the past two years the event wasn’t allowed as a procession, the neo-nazis instead organised memorial events in front of the house of fascist general Lukov. Despite the decision of the municipality to not go ahead with the event, members of the Bulgarian National Union (BNS) gathered at their meeting point and headed to the house escorted by the police.

This year on the 12.02.2022 we organise a counter demonstration under the slogan "No nazis on our streets!” to show that there’s no place for celebration of nazis, not now and not ever. We are angry that Lukovmarch happens every year despite being banned and we insist that it be forbidden and swept away by history.

After a year of constant attacks and provocations by different Bulgarian neo-nazi organisations, it’s time to fight back. We want to put an end to this shameful event that commemorates a fascist general responsible for the deaths of many! Our message is clear - fascists and neo nazis have no place in our streets, our media, our demonstrations and our lives!

We kindly ask you to join us in support so we can all show what solidarity can achieve against the far-right!

Who is Hristo Lukov and what is “Lukovmarsh”?

Hristo Lukov (1887 – 1943) is a Bulgarian lieutenant-general and politician, minister of war between 1925 and 1938. Between 1942 and 1943 he is the leader of the ultra-nationalistic organization “Union of the Bulgarian National Legions” (UBNL). The messages of the UBNL clearly proclaim anti-semitism xenophobia, totalitarism and fascism.

UBNL tried to force the government into sending the Bulgarian Jewish population to Germany during WW2, where concentration camps awaited them. Hristo Lukov is known to be close to the Third Reich and an advocate of national socialism and fascism.

“Lukovmarsh” is conducted as a torch-lit march that strongly recalls the dark years of war, repression and a cult towards the totalitarian state.
The formal and informal organizations behind the march are a huge part of the Bulgarian far-right movement (most claiming to be be simply nationalistic and patriotic, but also openly fascist groups).

The main organizer is the Bulgarian National Union (BNU) with the help of VMRO (officially part of the parliamentary group United Patriots), the Bulgarian National Radical Party, the Academy for Reserve Officers and Patriotic Troops and Citizens, the Association of Bulgarian Football Fans, the non-profit organization “Vyarnost”, the restored UBNL, as well as the self-defining as nazi organizations “Blood and Honor”, National Resistance and the recent addition - “White Front”.

Traditionally, members of foreign ultra-national and neo-nazi organizations take part in “Lukovmarsh” - Spain (La Falange), Germany (NPD, Die Rechte, Der III Weg), France (Terre et peuple), Italy (CasaPound), Austria , Croatia, Poland (Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski), Romania (Nova Dreapta), Hungary, Sweden (The Nordic Front), Russia (Russian imperial movement), etc. A large part of these organizations are banned in their home countries and use the opportunity to run their international meetings in Bulgaria, where deliberately or not, the presence of neonazism and neofascism is belittled and ignored at the institutional level.

Why this is an important year for "No nazis on our streets!"

In 2021 Bulgaria had 3 government elections which resulted in the push of the far right groups of United Patriots out of parliament. Through fearmongering and outward aggression, they concentrated most of their efforts against the LGBTQ+ community. Events during Pride season were disrupted and attacked. Anti-LGBTQ+ propaganda spread throughout the country like a disease.

During Burgas Pride, fascists threw various objects at those attending and a Pride flag was stolen and burnt while the police stood there quietly watching everything unfold. The provocations continued with the vandalizing of the LGBTQ+ social centre Rainbow Hub in Sofia by the candidate president Boyan Rassate (one of the leaders of BNU) and his supporters. On that occasion a woman was also punched in the face. Later on that month, teenagers were beaten up in the centre of Sofia for listening to punk music.

On the symbolic day of the 25/11, international day of elimination of the violence against women, fascists from different Bulgarian neo-nazi organisations showed up at the feminist demonstration “Nito edna poveche” (Ni Una Menos/Not one more) with a homophobic banner, pushing a victim of abuse from the microphone and disrupting the event. They were protected by the police and not pushed away to leave despite spewing hatred and resorting to violence. A brave comrade threw a bottle of water at them, which had him arrested and trialed, meanwhile the
aggressors were let go freely. Later on they portrayed themselves as victims and even some of their own supporters laughed at them.

In recent months, arrests have increased of comrades for flyposting and graffiti. Some were violently interrogated and beaten up in the police station behind closed doors.

We believe this is a pivotal year for the movement and we would appreciate your show of support whether with us on the day, with actions in your city or online. This is the moment to stop all these fascist groups and organisations from spreading. This is the year we would like to see the end of Lukov march and its shameful comemoration of a fascist leader.

Let’s take to the streets and show that fascism has no place in Sofia!

PS: You can currently enter Bulgaria with a negative PCR or Antigen
test or a Green pass. If you need any assistance with the COVID-19
regulations, do not shy away to contact us!

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