Soli-party for [A] hely [en]

veröffentlicht am 6. Februar 2024

10.2.2024 - Venster

Several anarchist and anti-authoritarian groups/collectives in Hungary are about to create a new community space currently referred to as “[A] hely” (meaning “the pl[A]ce”) in Budapest. We’re raising funds to help bring this project to reality.

They’re aiming to fund it by monthly contributions from members as opposed to relying on income from selling beer, but they could use some extra funds for the deposit and equipment.
Depending on the actual location, they want to have a library, a printing workshop and a podcasting studio inside this place.

Info tables, soli drinks, hardcore punk
Doors at 20:00
Bands at 21:00

Liberal Youth - Szombathely - SCHC
xEscalatex - Veszprém - Straight Edge Hardcore


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