veröffentlicht am 28. August 2020

Liebig 34 is being threatend by eviction. When state, cops and the owner want to evict, they will only have a desaster on their hands.

As an anarcha-queer-feminist selforganized house-project without cis-men, directly at the square „Dorfplatz“ in Friedrichshain, Liebig 34 is a place where resistive actions and collective moments are decided and organized. A place where self-organization becomes a dangerous word, where a project is becoming a starting point of struggles and not just a space of self-reference and alternative entertainment. The project itself has taken part in the planning of many of demonstrations, published numerous calls and texts and carried out various radical actions. But it is also a symbol of radicalization and empowerment for the antagonistic scene in Berlin and in Germany, as it shows how to fight various forms of resistance.

Liebig34 consists of a collective which is working with a focus to overcome more and more internalized structures of capitalism and patriarchy. In a world where patriarchy makes up one of the main pillars of the capitalist system, militant feminist groups and collectives, which make clear that the resistance and the fighting back is not a cis-men privilege, are more than necessary. In a patriarchal world, in which patriarchy and capitalism are intervoven, it is more than necessary to actually fight patrairchy and not have it be a sidenote in a text. Let us not be divided by oppression and let’s fight together in this for a liberated society.

Get creative, roam the night, show that we are serious when we say “the eviction will be a disaster.” From 7-13 September we want to set an example and plan feminist militant actions! If you are in Berlin, or if you want to visit, let us make the city unattractive for investors and capital. But let us show everywhere, in the cities and places you live. Getrification and Patriarchy doesn’t only destroy our utopia in Berlin, also everywhere we know the struggle. Let’s create thousands and thousands of rebellios areas and anarcha-queer-feminist squats. The Liebig should not only be remembered as a house, but as a symbol of offensive, danger and unforgiveness!

Join the fight and defend Liebig34! Feminist action week 07-13.09.20 in Berlin and everywhere – decentral and unpredictable.

More Information about infrastructure, program and events are following in the next days.

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