What to do to help people in Rojava

veröffentlicht am 12. Oktober 2019

A lot of people have been asking me what someone in Europe can do to help the people in Rojava so I decided to make a public post about it that you can share:

1. Absolutely the most important: Spread the message. I don’t just mean retweeting my shitposting on twitter (@lapinesque) or liking my facebook posts. I mean actually speaking in person to you friends, your parents, co-workers, *everyone* about what is going on. People should be fucking livid even if they have no personal connection to the cause: A NATO state of 100 million people is literally using an army of former ISIS and Al-Qaeda militants to commit ethnic cleansing on the very people who defeated ISIS militarily. This isn’t propaganda: Turkey’s use of jihadist forces and gross human rights abuses are well documented and have been going on for years now with zero condemnation from the intl community.

2. Fight the social media fight. Look at any post on twitter, reddit or facebook about this war and you will see an army of Turkish nerds and their bots commenting, downvoting and generally stirring shit. We have an amazing campaign running called #RiseUp4Rojava as well as #WomenDefendRojava but we need all the help we can get. Sharing our content is great, but even better is contributing: if you get photos from demos or actions send them to us, if you know how to edit videos, offer your services, if you can translate, let us add you to our list of translators.

3. Organise. If you are not a member of a solidarity group like London Kurdistan Solidarity or YXK, join now. Go to their meetings, organise with them. One of the things that the Kurdish diaspora are great at is community organising and action and they will welcome you with open arms.

3. Act! Whenever you can, go to a demo. Whenever there is a meeting and you can go, go. Generally these are being organised under the umbrella of RiseUp4Rojava but there will be others too.

4. Even better is direct action, but to save myself another line on my arrest slip when I get back I won’t make any suggestions exactly what.

5. Contact you MP, local politicians, celebrities, your trade union general sec. Ask them to use their platform to support this cause. Explain to them passionately the the international catastrophe that is happening here and how we can stop it.

6. Prepare to come to Rojava. Seriously. If you were in YPG/YPJ/IFB before, if you’re a doctor, nurse or EMT, or someone with skills useful in these times (engineers, technicians, linguists, whatever), get ready At some point there will be open call by the movement for people to flood the region like there was in the time of Kobanê. They will be preparing the legal and logistical framework to get large numbers of volunteers across from Başur (Iraqi Kurdistan) now and will make the call in the near future. [please don’t contact me about this as I am not involved at all and can’t help]

Finally, and this might sound like a sore point but I have to be honest: So many people have been telling me to ’stay safe’. I appreciate the sentiment, really, but it is not safe here. Not for anyone, and there is no way to leave.

I do not know a single internationalist here who will not fight if the frontlines come to them. If you want to help prevent that scenario, you can make a big difference by following the advice above and taking the fight to the Turkish state in Europe and around the rest of the world.

An serkeftin. An serkeftin.
Victory or victory.


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